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KSPP is a property portfolio management company, with a unique approach to investment and asset management. We provide a diverse selection of expertly researched investment opportunities in the real estate business, with a clear goal to maximize the profit potential of each investment.

At KSPP, we offer our clients the ability to generate investment returns in all market conditions by investing in traditional, unique and innovative real estate investment opportunities.

We have excellent securities and guarantees in place for investors who prioritize safety and seek value when entering an investment. The structure and regulations we implement throughout the investment process ensure full transparency, giving our clients control over all decisions and actions taken in the property investment process.

KSPP’s dynamic approach to property investing is opening up opportunities for us in the UK, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand and Cuba.

We are unique in our approach, the services we provide to our customers, our workability and our group strength. With a broad spectrum of investment opportunities, along with a guaranteed performance in many of our vehicles, we feel our product is unbeatable in today’s market.

By working with KSPP, the benefits and advantages that come with our services go beyond excellent advice and expertise in real estate investment. Because we are part of a group of companies that cover all aspects of real estate investment - property construction, development, sales, management and finance - we can ensure that all of our clients needs and interests are taken care of and are completely covered in all aspects.

Our group has developed under stable ownership for over 80 years and our long-term thinking governs our approach to investing, building client relationships and expanding our business.