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KSPP provides the necessary investment vehicles that give investors flexibility and control over their investment choices.
We manage the structural and logistic side of your investment entirely, covering all aspects, from managing your funds to creating the investment, putting protections in place, advising on the best available investment options plus ensuring complete transparency throughout the entire process.
You are in full control of your money and the decision process at all times, KSPP’s participation in it is solely to ensure that the best investment options are brought to the table.
With our unmatched expertise and experience in the market we can provide the necessary facilities that satisfy even our most exigent clients expectations.

Steps to building your portfolio:

  • KSPP will act as the buyer and source suitable inventory using our worldwide knowledge and experience.
  • Once KSPP finds suitable investments that meet the criteria of price, location, demographics, income and capital growth potential, we will instruct our legal department/ advisors to conduct full comprehensive due diligence on the properties.
  • Upon confirmation from our legal department/ advisors that the properties pass all legal scrutiny, we will move forward with negotiations regarding the price and purchase procedures.
  • Once an acceptable price has been agreed, KSPP will come back to its investors with the finalized proposal.
  • Investors will be given sufficient time to seek independent legal advice if so desired, and a decision will be made in favor or against the investment.
  • If our investors are in approval of the proposal we will then initiate the buying process following our standard purchase procedure.
  • Transfer of the funds only follows upon the approval of the investment and upon completion of all legalities.

We will put to work our resources and decades of experience in the industry in order to bring you the best information and opportunities available on the market.

We are determined to achieve success consistently, with every investment our clients enter, as we strongly believe that our clients success is our success.