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Our clients come with a variety of needs and requirements that our company can successfully satisfy. We have the resources and ability to meet stringent quality and security standards for clients that pursue different strategies and financial goals.

We cater for every type of client:

  • Private property investors
    When investing with KSPP you benefit from investment opportunities with low levels of risk and in many cases with guaranteed returns, that our company provides together with intelligent strategies in place for security.
  • General property investors
    Our team works on building portfolios comprised of diverse types of residential and commercial property – villas, condominiums, apartments, hotels, office space and mixed use commercial – maximizing their opportunities to profit through a lucrative diversified portfolio.
  • Project specific investors
    We build specialized portfolios in order to capitalize on a specific sector of the market or a type of property, whether commercial or residential, maximizing the profit potential of each project.
  • Commercial property investors
    By working with our team of experts, you get access to some of the best commercial real estate opportunities on the market today, ranging from hotels to office space and mixed use commercial, which will often provide relatively high income compared to residential (7.5%-15%).
  • SIPP investors (Self Invested Personal Pensions)
    We provide a secure financial environment and bring diversified real estate investment opportunities that give SIPP investors the opportunity to be in control and enjoy full transparency of how the pension pot is invested.
  • Sovereign wealth funds
    Our group has the ability to provide access to unique and diverse buying opportunities on different markets and use long-term investment strategies, with goals that would not deviate substantially in the face of short-term market volatility.
  • Commercial trust funds
    We expand and diversify portfolios with the potential for capital and income growth by selecting lucrative, quality commercial property investments that can only be accessed through our resources.
  • Property funds
    Our team brings different perspectives to portfolios through unique access to property in areas and sectors with significant growth potential and provides the instruments necessary to capitalize on them.