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Investing in property has always been one of the most secure and rewarding forms of investment over the long term. However, protecting yourself against the fluctuations and unpredictability of any market is paramount.

In light of the changes in today`s real estate market, property investors are more than ever in need of new opportunities for safe investments and secure profits.

It is important to realize that there are always opportunities no matter what the market is doing. Although it may take time and creativity, the results can be very impressive.

When analyzing the current market conditions around the globe, it is becoming more and more clear that one of the most potent and fruitful sectors is the Asian real estate market. Though not unscathed by the financial storm, Asia has been relatively shielded from the worst and today it is fast recapturing its energy with property leading the way. As global recovery takes place, real estate investments across Asia will be relative winners with more money targeting the region then ever before. In a few Asian markets, prices and transaction volumes have already begun to re-bound as cash-rich investors start moving from the sidelines.

We find that Asian real estate is a sector ripe with opportunities. Global investors need not only market statistics, but also an ability to see that the Asian real estate market provides more than just strong yields and capital growth potential, but an array of unique and rare opportunities.

In order to achieve success in building a property portfolio you need to have a firm grasp of how the property market works, what it entails and what insights you need to make it happen.

Guidelines to building a property investment portfolio

  • One of the easiest and most secure ways to make money from property - no matter what the economic climate - is to retain ownership and rent or lease the property for the medium to long term. It is straightforward and if done right will incur limited or no long-term costs.
  • With a well-managed rental program your return over the long term can be substantial.
  • Focus on a diversified property portfolio - buying in different areas will cater to different parts of the rental market.
  • Try and acquire different types of assets so your future is not tied solely to commercial or residential property, rental or lease property.
  • When investing in property make sure that the property income and any tax advantages cover the cost of ownership - loan, rates, repairs, mortgage re-payments etc.
  • If you get the balance right, you could end up owning several properties paid off over time by others whilst achieving capital gains.
  • Strong capital growth can build your equity much faster than loan re-payments and rental income.
  • Seek a balance between growth and income and view your investments as medium to long term and be prepared to ride out the cycles.
  • Keep yourself informed of current trends and market fluctuations which will allow you to identify when it is time to sell your investments or hold on for future capital growth.

At KSPP, we are committed to helping first time as well as experienced investors build a solid and profitable property portfolio, providing our decades of experience in the arena.

We are a very creative company and we are confident we can help you achieve your investment goals, with securities and guarantees in place to assure you of your future outcome.