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Climate change is not just an environmental problem, it is also a fundamental and economic issue posing various risks to business, such as increased legal and regulatory pressures, operational risks and unpredictable impacts on global markets. That is why at KSPP we are building environmental sustainability into our everyday business practices for staff, clients and the wider community.

Reducing carbon emissions

Climate change is driven mostly by carbon emissions, impacting our lives, places we live in, as well as the lives of future generations. It is important to us that we manage climate risks and ensure we can handle and action these across the business while minimizing our direct environmental footprint.


Paper comprises up to 60% of office waste. Saving paper is a simple but powerful way we can take personal responsibility and save millions of trees. Greenhouse gas emissions attributable to paper were close to that of computer use in the last 2 years. At KSPP we try to make a difference by printing emails and documents only if absolutely necessary, printing on both sides of the paper and encouraging staff to recycle.


Transport generates a large and growing proportion of carbon dioxide emissions. To reduce our transport footprint we encourage the use of fuel-efficient cars and switch to environmentally friendly vehicles.
Globally, air travel contributes approximately 6% of our personal greenhouse emissions and approximately 3% of global carbon emissions. One of the first steps we are taking towards changing that is cutting out non-essential flights and focusing more on the use of tele-conferencing and video-conferencing.

Responsible use of water, energy and materials

We manage the use of water and energy throughout our group of companies with a clear goal of reducing waste and pollution. We strive to implement efficient ways of managing water and resources in our buildings and create awareness in the community.