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We strongly believe that our investment opportunities offer some of the best securities and advantages available in the market today.

By being part of a larger group of companies, we ensure complete in-house services - property construction, development, sales, management and financing - complying with stringent quality standards that come with the obligations towards our clients. This will dramatically reduce the risks involved with having to deal with and rely on other companies for various aspects of the investment, which can involve many uncertainties and unforeseeable obstacles.

By taking advantage of our full in-house services, we are able to manage your investment in a secure and safe environment at all times. With such a strong partnership, your financial return is greatly enhanced and in some cases guaranteed.

Structure and security when investing with KSPP:

  • KSPP investors take part in every decision and in the investment process directly.
  • Personal and privileged information on each investor will be kept private from the other participants.
  • Investors will only be known via their ID numbers, as provided by KSPP.
  • KSPP solely acts as company administrator for its investors.
  • All investors are provided the option to receive investment returns offshore.
  • Dividends are paid annually unless otherwise stated.
  • Monies held in trust will receive interest at commercial bank rates.
  • Investors are provided with quarterly bank statements or at any time upon written request.
  • All investment vehicles are registered and held offshore in Guernsey Channel Islands.