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Sustainability is extremely important to the way our group of companies does business. In a challenging market, it provides us with another means to differentiate ourselves from the competition, offering opportunities to manage risk and cut costs, both for business and for our customers.

There are many ways in which a difference can be made to the impact we have on the environment. We try to limit our impact by adapting the way we manage our business and resources to create and maintain sustainability.

Our Sustainability Objectives

  • To manage climate risks and to ensure we can handle and action these across the business
  • To use water, energy, and materials responsibly, focusing on reusing and recycling
  • To ensure that all of our projects are in accordance with environmental policies at all stages
  • To develop products and services that drive good environmental results
  • To minimize our direct environmental footprint
  • To make a positive contribution to all the communities where KSPP has a presence
  • To listen to our stakeholders and respond to their feedback to meet their needs